pens&feathers quirky challenge- my answer.

“quirk” is one of my favorite words.

there was this quote from the movie, “Runaway Bride”:
Peggy: “See, nobody likes me, because I’m weird.”
Maggie: “I’m weird!”
Peggy: “No, you’re quirky. There is a distinct difference between quirky and weird.

i always thought that was very true. some people are just so delightfully quirky you want to hug them. others just do weird things that freak you out. :)

anyways, my answer to the challenge!!!:

there is always a song stuck in my head. i don’t really know if that’s a quirk, but it’s just something strange about myself. like, at the moment i have “crushcrushcrush” by paramore. the only way it’ will be not stuck in my head is to listen to something else. ...then that song will be stuck up there!

hope you enjoyed reading about my oddity!

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