Tyler - Mind-Bottling Powerths!

The putrid green water rippled in slow motion as I bent my hands around imaginary barriers. The air quivered with what I perceived to be excitement.

And all this only just two hours at the lake!

I glanced eagerly at Max, waiting for him to show me some other…thing. He just looked at me funnily and sighed.

“Tyler, I’m spent. I can’t do this for much longer.”

I gritted my teeth, feeling an unexpected anger. He was just jealous of my new powers, thinking that someone would usurp his place as high-and-mighty Max…heck, he probably didn’t even know any more tricks anyway.

He seemed to sense this and took an instinctive step back. “Tyler?” he muttered.

And the anger dissipated. My muscles relaxed. Well, that was weird… “You’re right. We should probably head back.”

We started back for our respective homes.

“Tyler, do you think…?”

I never knew what he thought I thought, because at that moment, the gray uniforms of the Rade Citizen Protection Force hurtled into view.

Coming straight for me.

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