Choose Your Own Ficlet Adventure

This isn’t really a challenge, more of a community project, the idea is to create a choose your own adventure series of ficlets;

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I’ve come up with these rules.

- Must be written in second person
- Each ficlet should end in 3 choices (except ending ficlets (death/success)
- Title the sequel with the choice it represents.
- The same Author writes the outcomes of all 3 choices from the previous ficlet (before you write them, leave a comment on the ficlet you will be sequelling so everyone knows, likewise, check the comments before sequelling)
- Don’t be afraid to kill the main characters, I remember these books for the brutal and sudden deaths, link back to the first ficlet in a comment in case of death.
- Happy endings should be rare and fairly hard to get to, you can have endings where they neither die or succeed but these are fairly rare as well.
- Post a comment under each ficlet linking back to the rules so people know what to do.

The sequel to this the first in the series.

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