This is it!

We were barely away from the lake, and we heard the stamping of combat boots across the wooden bridge.
The blood in my veins turned to ice.
Ok, it isn’t just the Plasmen that are our “protection” they still have the Rade Citizen Protection Force. The Plasmen were more like a freak accident.
I saw the gray uniforms, the look on their faces.
I turned to Tyler.
“We have about 20 of CPs heading for us, and they’re out for blood.” I said.
Tyler gave me a look of dawning terror.
I smiled at him wildly as my adrenal glands went on overdrive.
“You ready to test out your powers?”
“I’ve only had to deal with these freaks once, so remember that they have twice the strength of anyone, and don’t believe anything they say. I’ve seen this breed before, and they’re bad. They will kill us, given the opportunity. Show no mercy.”
Tyler nodded, I saw him hyperventilate, then smile in a wilder way than I did.
“Lets go.” He breathed, and before I knew it, he was a too-fast-for-time blur.
This will be bloody.

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