The Forest Of Fun

All three of you decide that the Forest of Fun seems the safest route. You, Zoe and Joe enter the forest confident in your decision.
At first the forest seems rather boring, but that’s just fine with you, its better than being chased by pirates. Then you see a clearing with some sort of building in it. Since it’s alost night time you suggest to the others that you stop there and ask for shelter during the night.
“That’s a good idea.” Zoe says going up to the door and knocking.
“I don’t think this is a good plan.” Joe says nervously.
“Joe, we’re in the Forest Of Fun. Nothing is going to happen. This isn’t a corny horror movie.” you say.
At that moment the door swings open.
“Looks like nobody’s home.” Zoe says. “Come on.”
You follow her inside and realize Joe isn’t behind you. You turn around. “Come on you Ninny.”
Joe shakes his head and starts backing away. You sigh.

Do You:
Go After Him and Force Him to Come Inside
Leave Him Outside And Go With Zoe
Decide This Isn’t A Good Idea After All

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