Stay Still And Listen

You decide not to move. You’re not even sure you hear anything. You keep listening and after awhile you see something moving in the bushes. A black and dangerous looking panther is emerging from the brush. Slowly without making a sound you sit up and pinch Zoe as hard as you can. She sits up and opens her mouth to yell at you but you slap your hand over it and nod towards the clearing.
Her eyes go wide with fear and she shakes Joe awake. He opens his eyes and looks at her with annoyance but she holds a finger to her lips and gestures with her eyes toward the clearing. Joe follows her line of sight and gasps involuntarily.
The panther turns its head and sees the three of you. It starts stalking towards you slowly.

What do you do?

Nothing, Maybe It Will Go Away.

All of You Scramble Up the Tree Your Sleeping Under

If You Grab All The Stuff You Can And Run Like There’s No Tomarrow Go Here:

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