Hiding From Who Knows What!

Aedin grabbed Kamaria and pulled her off the bike. He looked pretty upset. His expression was fierce and he seemed frustrated.
“What’s wrong?”
He wouldn’t look at her. He was scanning the forest next to the road. Then, unexpectedly, he began running into the forest dragging Kamaria with him. She tried to pull away from him. She was regretting her decision. But Aedin was too strong.
Soon they were deep in the tangled forest, leaping over fallen logs and dodging low branches.
Kamaria was so confused and afraid. She tried to stop the tears that continuously flowed from her hazel eyes onto her cheeks.
The two had arrived at a river. They followed it until they reached a spot were it branched out and flowed into a cave. Aedin began to lead Kamaria into the cave.
“We’ll be okay in here for a while,” he told her. “Then I’ll be able to tell you what’s going on.” His expression softened, and he gave her a reassuring smile. Maybe she hadn’t made the wrong choice. But whether it was or not, she’d find out soon enough.

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