Here For Me

The four of us strolled over to the bags area and waited. Jacob and I did small talk while…urgh…Hannah and Owen made out right in front of me. I’m beginning to ponder the thought of him making me jealous. Oh God. I asked Jacob quietly, “Since when have they been going out?” He looked at me sadly and said, “Two days and I’m sorry I know you liked him.” I tried to look surprised and mumbled, “Wha-What? I don’t like him.” Jacob looked at me and while grabbing my bags whispered, “Oh please Sofia. It’s a little obvious but don’t worry. Owen…” He motioned me to follow him out of their hearing range. “I don’t think he really likes her.” I nodded, breathing an internal sigh of relief. Okay, so I’m going to have to deal until they break up and I also need not to think about Pete. At least he doesn’t live here…urgh…why why me? Why must I be the one always in the love issues? Jacob sensed me mourning and put a comforting arm around me, squeezing my shoulder. He always has a way to let me know he’s here for me.

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