Victims of Innocence

War Without End: Stories From the Front Lines In the Soldiers Own Words

Sergeant Jessica Dupree
Dec. 23, 2012

“For me, the war really changed when they started using the puppy-bombs. I mean, what kinda sick, twisted, godless goatfucker would come up with the idea to sew half a pound of semtex and ball-bearings into a freaking dog! That’s some sick shit, man.

By that time, we were putting kids into battle, y’know? Take a sixteen year-old kid, can’t find his dick in the dark with both hands, green as green gets: put him on patrol. A cute little puppy runs up to him; course he’s gonna pet it, right? Then BLAMMO ! We’re scrapin up what’s left, sendin’ him home to his momma in a coffee cup. Shit, I seen it a dozen times, at least.

That’s when the word came down: kill all dogs on sight. I tell you what: you kill a man, you get used to that shit. Us or them, right? You off a kid: that stays with you forever. But you blow away a dog? Somebody’s innocent little pooch?

That shit fucks you up for lifeā€¦”

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