Through a glass, etc.

I finally got out of bed, went into the kitchen to put some food in Eton’s dish to stop her yowling, and padded into the bathroom..

The shower took a lot of last night’s edge off. I blared out an a capella version of an Aretha song, grateful today was a holiday. I showered until the water suddenly turned cold – that little water heater has maybe twenty minutes in it – and snapped the spiggots clockwise, shivering in spite of the thick steam curling around me. I stepped out onto the bathmat and wrapped myself and my hair in towels. Picking up a hand towel off the rack, I squeakily wiped steam off the mirror over the sink and made a face at myself.

It didn’t register for a full second, and then I screamed.

There was no one in the mirror making a face back at me.

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