Cubicle Confessions

Katrina was completely lost for words as she stood there, letting this Ellen girl hold her, embrace her, cry on her shoulder.

The soft sobs emerging from Ellen’s tired and rasp throat started to ease as she slowly realised who she was hugging. Pulling away, her tear stricken face looked into the sad eyes of Katrina, the girl whom she had teased and tormented nearly all of their high school years, yet here she stood, moments after comforting her.

“Sorry.. I just, I..”, Ellen couldn’t manage any other words.
“No need to apologize, I heard what happened.. are you okay?” Katrina asked quietly.

It took Ellen a few minutes to gather her thoughts, as she repositioned herself on the lid of the toilet, right at the end of the cubicles. “Why was she talking to her? Why did this girl even care? All i’ve done is be horrible and nasty for 12 years straight..” Ellen continued to question herself over and over again, trying to contemplate the current situation she was in.

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