Tyler -- Are You Ready To Rummmbbllee?

I breathed in sharply, the crisp air swirling around in my nostrils. I sighed a little with contentment, relishing the feeling of power over these oncoming attackers.

My hair stood on end as I called for time to slow down as a beam of deadly energy pulsed by. It rippled in the air, inches from my face. Max ran to the side of the gray pack.

A slight smile crossed me face as I tightened my fists. These guys didn’t know what was coming. Time….. I concentrated for it to halt in its tracks.

Um… I concentrated harder. Nothing happened. Suddenly, a woozy feeling overcame me. I looked down – and was greeted with the sight of a small metallic pin poking out of me, fired by a gun, held by the hands of a CPF soldier. Sh….

Whatever this did, it blocked coherent thought – and therefore the ability to slow time. Did they know what I could do? No…how could they? I barely even did.

I looked over at Max. He was sinking to his knees, as I was. Another dart.



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