Lunar Eclipse

“Wow that was amazing!” Ashley whispered into Cameron’s ear.
“I new you would like it.” he whispered back.

It was 11:00pm on February 20, 2008, and Ashley and Cameron had just watched the lunar eclipse together. Ashley hadn’t heard about it and Cameron had suprised her. Today wasn’t just special because of the lunar eclipse. Exactly 2 years ago, they had met. They had been 16 and total opposites.

“Uhm. Ouch. Watch where your going.” Ashley shouted at someone who had just run into her.
“Oh I’m really sorry I didn’t see you there.” Cameron apologized.
“Obviously.” Ashley was in a bad mood, you know the type of bad mood where you realize your boyfriend is cheating on you with your best friend. She wasn’t having the greatest day… espically since her best friend was a guy.
“Ohh okkk, well I’ll see you around.” Cameron smiled, something about Ashley he liked, he wasn’t sure what.
“Yeah sure whatever.” Ashley just wanted out of the school.

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