Talking to Oneself (Moved)

Ribs bruised and head pounding, Sam struggled to suppress his whimpers of pain, drawing on the times he “played WWF ” with his older brother. The last thing Sam wanted was for Amy to see that his future self was just as weak as his past self.

“Look what you did to my shoe,” said Todd, amazed that Sam was still conscious. “I think I scuffed it on your face.”

“Hello Todd,” replied Sam. “Nice to see they let you out for some fresh air and they even let you take off the muzzle. Could you do me a favor and hold it down a little.”

“Why?” said Todd. “You stalking my baby sister now, too?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Todd, weighing his options with the remaining 10% of his brain that hadn’t been jostled by the meathead’s hoof. “Please don’t tell your sister right now.”

“You wait here,” said Todd, shoving Sam to the ground as he opened Sarah’s front door. Moments later, Sam heard shouting, a struggle, and saw the door open.

“Over here,” said Sam, grabbing his past self as he ran out of the apartment. “We need to talk.”

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