Figure Out What's Going On

As you look at Joe and Zoe, you realize it may be best to stay and find out what’s going on. Of course you all realize what the future may behold now, but none of you are afraid of monsters.

You are trying to find some clue of the creature who is making the trees fall when you notice a small shoe under a bush. When you make your way over to examine it, you hear a familar voice. It is a crew member with one shoe on, telling the tale of how he had successfully ran away from a falling tree just it time. The man he is talking to is concealed, but you know who it is.

As long as they don’t hear I”ll be safe, you say to yourself. This is when you remember that you are allergic to the wild berries growing from the bush. You sneeze and the crew member and the concealed man, Captain Black, turn around staring at your swollen nose. You are in deep trouble now.

Without even an explanation, they pull out a pistol and your life flashes before you.

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