Taking Away James

I was outside with Angela and Daley, as I had been scince 6 o’clock this morning. Training wasn’t as hard as I had feared. Basics was all we were doing right now. Daley was just watching at the moment. He was to train me with a weapon and how to protect my mind later.

“No, no, no. Are you even listening to me Anya?” Angela broke into my conversation with James.

“Yeah I heard you Angela. Like this?” I asked her, performing the move she had just showed me with perfection.

“You can do better. Right now I’m going to increase your amount of concintration.” Angela sneered.

As soon as she had finished talking she closed her eyes. Moments later I felt a tug in the back of my mind. Something was there that shouldn’t be, or rather something wasn’t there. When the tugging subsided I realized what she had done.

“Angela! How dare you take away james from me. This will not help me concentrate!” I screamed as I despertaly tried to talk to James.

“Relax, he’ll be within your sight soon. Now, watch.”

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