Time of Darkness

Just as I was riding into the woods, the sun set, enclosing me in complete darkness.

Because of the position of the mountains, there was always a period of time between the sunset and the moon’s ascent, a time of darkness.

“Damn!” I cursed out loud, causing Snowstar to rear back in fright.

“Forgive me, Snowstar,” I soothed my horse. I gently urged her forward into the darkness of the woods.

“It will only be a few minutes, Snowstar. Do not worry. Lady Moon will soon light our way again and we can ride full tilt as I know you like best.” I spoke to my horse as much for my own comfort as for hers. The tall shadows of trees loomed above us as we passed.

Suddenly, I heard a sound behind me, like a footfall.

“Who goes there!” I called out. The hoot of an owl answered me.

It must have been my imagination. I continued forward.


The witch sat on a branch and stretched her long, white wings. She’d taken the form of a predator whose eyes could see perfectly in darkness, and whose claws were razor sharp.

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