Never Do That Again

I felt Anna disapear suddenly out of the back of my mind.
What? I was confused for a second.
Then I caught a trace of a rapidly retreating presence.
Why would she do that? I thought angrily. She has no right to cut me off from Anna!
I stormed into the garden, all trace of the happiness I had been feeling gone.
I walked right up to Anna and Angela where they were practicing some fighting moves.
Angela glanced at me. “Good Morning, James.”
“Why did you do that?!” I demanded.
“Do what?” Angela said, innocently.
“Don’t even try it.” I said through gritted teeth. “Why did you cut Anna off from me?”
“She wasn’t concentrating, you were distracting her.” Angela stated.
“I dont care!” I exclaimed. “Don’t ever-”
Dailey interrupted me. “I can teach you to stop that from happening again.”
I turned to him. “You can?”
He nodded looking thoughtful.
“Dailey!” Angela yelled. “You can’t teach him that yet!”
“Why not?”
Angela stuttered out angry syllables.
“Come on, James.” he said.

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