Montelban the Poodle

For most people, being changed into a dog or any other animal would have negative effects on intelligence. Not for Montelban. His intelligence level was already equal to that of a miniature poodle, so the only changes he noticed were physical ones.

His sense of smell was improved, which made being near Ted the Off-White and his less-than-satisfactory hygiene even more unbearable.

The dog watched The Knight wave a hand and make the cell door vanish. He raised his hands to cast another spell, but clutched his head with both hands and screamed in agony.

“Just as I thought,” Ted the Off-White said, “the memories of your former life are flooding back. The terrible things that you’ve done for the sake of increasing your own power. You remember all of that now, don’t you?”

Montelban noticed how Ted the Off-White held his gaze on the Knight, then realized what was causing the sudden flood of memories.

The little dog growled as he jumped at the dirty old wizard’s crotch and bit down hard.

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