So Perfect!

I watched as James and Daley walked just out of my hearing distance. I shook my head and returned my attention to Angela. She showed me some more moves that I executed perfectly. Finally she looked exasperated.

“Where did you learn that technique? It’s perfect and you’ve only seen these moves done once!” Angela said, sighing and plopping on the ground.

“Wait.. I thought you said I was doing these all wrong?” I asked sitting down next to her.

“I know what I said. But I lied. I couldn’t deal with the fact that it took me years to learn the moves you’ve just done in five minutes!” Angela said throwing her hands up in the air.

“I…I’ve never seen these moves before, but I’ve always been a fast learner..” I offered up sheepishly.

_All according to pan Anya._A voice I didn’t quite regonized, breathed into my ear.

“Daley?” I asked checking over my shoulders.

“What?” Angela asked.

“I thought someone was whispering in my ear..” I said.

“Oh, no!” Angela Jumped up and ran to Daley.

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