Devolution: Unmaking the Band

Yeah, we’re still trying to pick up the pieces. But just like anything, once it’s broke it ain’t never gonna be like it was before. When did this shit stop being fun? When did it turn into a burden?

Sara and Shea started doin’ horse and doin’ each other. Then they got my little sis in on their drugged-up dyke orgies. Shea and Hayden both OD’ed off some cheap shit Sara scored; Shea’s dead and Hayden’s tryin to relearn how to feed herself. Sara’s livin on the streets, now.

Know the worst part? I saw it comin; coulda stopped it before it fell apart. But I was too busy bein a motherfuckin Rock Star! As long as they showed up for gigs and were sober enough to play, I didn’t give a fuck.

Look at me now! Top of the world! Alexis and me got a record deal; They’re calling us the new White Stripes. I made it!

I’d fuckin trade it all to be back there in April ‘06. Me, Sara, Shea, Hayden and Alexis. A band. A family.

When did I become such a fuckin cliché?

You know what? Stop the fuckin tape.

I’m done.

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