Doggy, Perro, Inu, Chien...Anyway you put it, it's a DOG!

“YOU!” I gasped, holding up my kendo sword even higher.
“Watcha gonna do?” he laughed, “Hit me with a stick?” His laugh sent a shiver down my spine; It wasn’t the laugh itself. It was what was in his mouth. A pair of glistening, perfectly pointed canine fangs.

“Whoa! Sweet Mother of Jesus!” I jumped back, forgetting I was on the offensive.

He lunged forward and caught my hands; He gripped them so tight that I had to let go of my weapon.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you here?” I said, struggling in his grip.
“Aren’t you happy that I came to visit?” his ears drooped.

Hold it..

“EARS?!” I yelled into his face. Growing right out of his head was a pair of fluffy ears.
“I’m hallucinating,” I laughed hysterically.

“No, you’re not,” he said, turning around.

Remember when I said my brain short-circuited? Oh, no, dearie. This time my brain positively fried.

He had a furry tail. A tail. On a human.

“Did I accidentally take something I wasn’t supposed to instead of indegestion pills?”

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