Jealousy, thy Name is Man

“Kazuma?” I yelled, rushing towards my brother’s room. “Kazuma, answer me!” I burst open the door.

Kazuma was in his bed, snoring like there was no tomorrow. His face was practically buried under a sheaf of paper work. I went over to him and took off all the papers. He felt my hand, but thought it was someone else.

“Wait, Mrs. Doherty…Mmpph, I’ll pay you right now,” he turned over to his other side.

I giggled. Then I remembered I had just met a dog-boy and that he was standing at the door. I looked up. Ryuuki was there, alright; And he looked sullen enough to dampen a cloud into raining.

“What’s with you?” I asked, putting away all the papers on Kazuma’s desk.
“What’s he to you?” he asked, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.
“He’s my brother, for God’s sakes, you possessive little idiot,” I growled, shutting the door quietly as I walked out.
I got a delightfully evil idea.

“If he were another guy, would you be jealous?”

I chuckled maliciously.

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