My First Kiss

My lips still burned.

Wow. My first kiss. With a wolf.

I moaned and plopped down in the chair. Coco, concerned, came and put her paws on my knees and rested her head on them.

“Coco, do you think that was a dream?” I asked, patting her snow-colored head. Coco gave a happy gurgling sound, the one dogs do when they’re what else? Happy.
“Guess you liked him a lot,” I told her, ruffling her fur. “You know that I talk to my dog more than I do to the people at school?” I giggled and kissed her snout. Coco snorted in my face and happily licked me. Her tail went haywire.

“O.K., lil’ lady, before you get too hyper, let’s get to bed,” I said, curling my fingers around Coco’s collar.

We went into my bedroom. Coco curled up and was out like a light.
I was so tired and shocked that I just changed into my pyjamas and plopped down into bed.

I didn’t brush my teeth. I smacked my lips. My mouth tasted like mint. Then I remembered with a jolt.

That bastard. He French kissed me...

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