Falling Apart

Nick and Joe went off in search of food, leaving Kevin and I alone.
“Thank You.” he said.
I looked up at him startled. “For what?”
“For what you did for Moe.”
“I didn’t do anything. I only told you to call 911.” I stated.
“But you reacted fearlessly and did what needed to be done. You totally took control of the situation.” Kevin smiled at me.
Suddenly and without warning I burst into hysterical tears. I just stood there and cried.
Instead of just standing there and staring at me like some other guy might, he automatically put his arms around me. “Hey. What’s wrong?”
“I was terrified, Kevin!” I cried into his shoulder. “I was so afraid that Moe would die and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it!”
Kevin was so warm and accepting that I felt the urge to tell him everything.

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