Fiction is King [Acceptance Speech Fodder]

Where is fiction king? Well, everywhere online. We all know that the blond, flirtatious, perfectly sculpted chat buddy is really a dumpy truck driver named Ron, but don’t ever confront him on it.

The difference with ficlets is that we’re supposed to be creating fiction. That’s the beauty of it. Nobody is supposed, nor are they required to be themselves. Housewives write as fantastical tyrants. Troubled teens write as dashing heroes and heroines. Doctors pass themselves off as eccentric recluses.

Here it truly doesn’t matter who or what you are. There’s no inflated resumes or bragadocious claims. You write. If it’s good, people comment and rate it as such. If it’s not, you get constructive criticism and try harder next time. Ours is a community based not on who you are but what you can create. And we create some awesome stuff.

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