Invisible ice dumped on my body. Jack looked pissed off. I was not feeling like a fight either. I got up, and went straight out the door while Jacks stare burned identical holes through my skull. I looked back and saw Jack was pointing a thumb behind his back, motioned Ashley out.
So there we were, standing out side their house. I looked at Ashley, tried to make eye contact but I couldn’t bring myself to do so.
“I’m sorry.” I said quietly. “It’s my fault.”
I was tearing up again, and it was too much. I just turned to see Ashley’s eyes. Mixed emotion. I saw love, anger….I saw too much. It almost killed me to see her like that.
My feet gave way, and I let myself fall face first into the pavement. I felt a little blood in my mouth, but I ignored it completely. I lay there, spread-eagled on the hot California pavement.
I felt a hand on my back, but I was so numb….

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