Izzy Rescues Marguerite

Izzy fidgeted nervously on Ms. Abernathy’s loveseat, snapping her fingers along to the tick of the clock on the wall. Renard never came back, it had been such a long time. She had no inclination as to what his plan was, or what drastic measures he could take. There were so many risks involved in this sort of situation.

She knew she had to take action, but how? She excused herself to use the telephone and immediately rung up Marguerite, no answer. Marguerite was always home at this hour. Pierre, she must be with Pierre. She didn’t have his number, and John could be there, but she had to make sure Marguerite was out of the way.

Despite the protests of Ms. Abernathy, and Renard’s desire to have her hide, Izzy ran to Pierre’s door, knocking frantically. He answered and without a word she brushed past him to the shocked face of Marguerite.

“We have to go menina,” Izzy said, dragging her behind her.

“But…” she protested.

“I’ll explain later,” Izzy said, pushing Pierre as they ran out the door.

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