I silently ate my dinner.
“Tyler?” My Dad asked. “You seem pretty quiet, did anything happen at school today?”
I’m always this quiet. I suppose you want me to spit out my food and start talking more than the ditsy girls at school about my daily life.
I shook my head politely and continued my eating. As soon as my dinner was finished, I put down my silverware and took my plate to the kitchen.
God, I’m still starving. I have to start telling Mom to actually throw some damn food in the oven next time.
To curve my appetite, I felt around in the pantry for some peanuts. I grabbed a handful and ate them quickly.
I said goodnight to my parents, and went up to my room.
I fell onto my bed with perfect aim, but had to get up to finish my homework on my braille typewriter.
I finished and felt my way to my bathroom to brush my teeth.
I am not looking forward to school tomorrow, but at least Dad bought me some new sunglasses to hide my creepy sightless eyes.
I went back to my room, and fell straight asleep.

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