The Search Team

“Arietta!” Scarlett yelled again, running around the park. She saw a group of girls dressed completely in black. They were part of the staff for the park’s Fright Night. One glanced at Scarlett, and notcied how frantic she was. “Hey, you! Come here!” The girl seemed nice, and she was holding a dog’s leash. And the dog was very friendly. “You look like you saw a ghost.Care to tell us what’s going on?” The group was part of the rescue team, they usually just helped mothers and older children find youger children or lost candy buckets. Scarlett told them about Arietta, the Jason guy, and how Miss Lark said the guy was drunk with a working chainsaw. “Oh, you mean Ryan? He’s was telling me about an girl named Arietta that he met. And he wasn’t exactly what you would call sober when I talked to him. Let’s hope Miss Lark was wrong about the blade.”
“Tell ya what, sweetie. We’ll go a’lookin’ for your sister, and we’ll give you a walkie-talkie.” The trio then left to look for Arrietta.

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