How am I going to distract a huge crowd of Jonas Brothers fans? I wondered as I sprinted down the hallway.
I took a deep breath standing in front of the doors. You can do this. You take Drama for goodness’ sake!
I burst out the doors. “ OH MY GOD !” I screamed hysterically. “I SAW THE JONAS BROTHERS !
A thousand cameras flashed in my face.
Good thing I put this hat back on.
OH MY GOD !” I gushed. “Kevin Jonas was SOO nice to me and-
“Where did they go?” someone demanded.
“Where did they go?” I repeated, stalling and trying to make sure Mrs. Jonas and the boys had enough time to escape.
“Umm, they said they were going to go get dinner at-” my mind raced going through the restaraunts I had seen on my way here. “-at Maya’s Barbecue Grill!”
“Which one?!” someone yelled.
“The one on Challis street.” I replied.
The entire crowd dispersed and went off murmers of going to Maya’s rippling through it. I waited awhile and then forced myself to walk away slowly and inconspiculously.

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