A Supreme Example of Tug-of-War

We turned the corner, and our independent feet took us to a familiar purlieu of ours.

The school library.

We were just outside the library, arguing about how Newton’s Third Law applied to real life, when my friend Michelle walked out the door. Her own feet were headed towards the girls bathroom at an alarming rate, and I saw that she was crying.

Actually crying.

Of course, george, being george, immediately ducked into the library and left me alone. george and Michelle did not get along at all. Sometimes I felt like I was a part of a game of tug-of-war between the two. Sometimes goerge was tugging me along, sometimes Michelle.

“Hey, Michelle, wait up!”

She turned around, and her makeup had a single trail down her cheek where a salty river had run moments before.

“What do you want? Why don’t you go with your friend George, or excuse me, george and just leave me alone?!”

She turned, and rammed her shoulder into the girl’s bathroom door, and left me alone in the hallway with a swinging door for company.

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