The Jonas Robbery Part 22: Don't Leave

All four of my dogs bombarded us as we came through the door.

“Whoa!” Kevin exclaimed as my rottweiler jumped on him.

“Sit down. Would you like anything to drink?” Mom offered after we had gotten the dogs to settle down.

“Um, no thanks,” said Joe. Nick and Kevin shook their heads.

“Well,” said Kevin, “We better call Mom.”

He took his iPhone out of his pocket and began dailing. “Hi, Mom?”

“Where are you?!” I could hear his mother yelling through the phone.

“Mom, we’re fine,” he reassured her.

“You can’t do this to me!” I heard his mother exclaim.

It took him quite a few minutes to calm her down. (Just as it had with my mother.) Then he told her about me, and gave the details of the event. “We’re at Emily’s house. We’re safe. No, apparently word didn’t get out. We haven’t seen a single screaming girl yet,” Kevin joked. “Okay, you can come pick us up.” He told his mom my address and said goodbye. The boys’ parents would be there to pick them up within the hour.

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