Take My Hand Tonight

Just our luck it began to snow again, but we kept running. I counted out my steps to distract myself from the cold.
One, Two. Three, Four.
I think I was running bilind for awhile, I couldn’t feel anything but the ice in my lungs and the burning of my shoulder. Suddenly I tripped and fell face first into the snow.
Nick grabbed both my hands and hauled me upward. “Hey, are you o.k?” he asked.
I looked up at him. His face was red from the cold and he was breathing hard.
“Yes.” I managed panting.
“Come on,” he urged. “We have to keep going. We’re running out of time.”
Nick released one of my hands but kept the other in his.
We started running again.
Oh, I’m holding Nick Jonas’ hand… I thought, not quite realising what was happening.

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