Inspect The Creepy Pirate Ship

You decide that you’re hallucinating and ignore the singing and blond haired mirage. You go with Zoe and Joe to inspect the old ship. There isn’t much to inspect, its an old rotting ship thats abandoned. There’s nothing useful on it at all.
“This is a waste of time.” Zoe complains “And I’m hungry.”
“Yeah, me too.” says Joe.
“I think we should keep searching the ship.” You say. “There might be something that can help us.”
Joe and Zoe give you the glare of impending doom.
“Get off my ship!” you suddenly hear someone yell. You, Joe and Zoe jump.
“Who said that?!” Joe demanded in a shaky attempt at manliness.
GET OFF MY SHIP !” the voice sounds dangerous. Suddenly the ship begins to rock back and forth crazily.
“What do we do?!” Joe cries in fear.
What Do You Do?
Run Like Your Lives Depend On It? Go Here:
Decide This Is An Illusion?

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