So Far, So Good

I whipped around.
Thats what Mom does.
I motioned for Hayley to follow me. I felt the car door, and hopped in the back with Hayley following me.
Mom drove us to my house, and we walked in.
“Lets go up to my room.” I said, as I took her hand and led her up.
We went up to my room. I knew it was messy, but I didn’t know what colors my room was. Probably an off-white sorta color. I had a small bed with a rickety nightstand.
“Cool. It’s nice and simple.” Hayley said.
I looked over to her.
“Eh…It’s isn’t much, but it doesn’t matter.” I shrugged, acting as if I could see my own room.
“Yeah.” She said.
We talked from there. We laughed a lot, but it was getting boring for both of us.
After a while, I noticed that the temperature had dropped.
It’s probably dark, sunlight isn’t warming up my room.
“Hayley,” I said. “Wanna go outside and check out the stars?”
“Sure.” She said.
“Lead the way.” I said. “We’ll find a nice place to sit.”

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