The guards turned and lumbered out, resuming their posts just outside Josh’s cell. Josh stood and paced, disobeying orders, but not caring that much. The king wasn’t there, he was elsewhere, and as long as he made sure his footsteps didn’t echo, he was fine.

After an hour of pacing, his legs got tired and he heard footsteps coming down the hall. Quick, clicky ones. These were obviously that of a stunning young woman the king had taken interest in recently. This was against Joshua’s beliefs, he didn’t think that a man should have a wife and a girlfriend, but who was he to judge?

Resuming his position, the young woman walked in, her hair shining like gold threads that stopped just below her shoulders. Her eyes were of unidentifiable color, which made her all the more attractive. Her slim figure stood just over his head, she was not a lady of ordinary height.

“C-c-colleen!” Josh squeaked.

“Sssh!” Colleen warned. “If he hears you, you know what he’ll do! Come with me.”

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