Oh no, how'd I get involved in this mess?

I was innocently sitting at the kitchen table, eating a sandwich, when I heard a voice… it sounded like Rainn.
“Help! Help us! We’re trapped!” it said, faintly.
I ran over to the direction I thought it was coming from. Then I heard it again.
“Help! Anyone! Help us!” I saw a door and tapped against it.
“Rainn? Is that you?”
His voice was dripping with relief. “V? Oh, thank God! Can you open the door at all?”
I jammed my fingers inbetween the doors, trying with all my might to get it open. “No.. this sucker’s stuck tight.” I heard him swear under his breath. “What are you doing in there anyway? And why did you say ‘us’?”
“It’s Abbi and me! She’s unconscious, and I can’t get her out from the pile of rocks! We were in here because I had to talk to her about something, but then all the stones started to fall… did you feel a tremor or turbulence or anything out there?” his voice sounded exasperated.
“No, nothing…”
After a pause, he said, “I have an idea.”

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