I stood up in the dark closet, and looked at my lighted time piece.
A few more hours have passed that I expected. Damn…
I slowed down time, and kicked the door. I let time flow as normal, and watched the door rip off of it’s hinges and slam against the opposite wall, shattering into a million pieces of shrapnel with an ear-splitting crash.
Now i had to think.
Okay, Rade is divided into four different sections, I’m in the bottom left, or ‘c’. The place I need to get information fromis in the center of Rade, from which a ton of different tunnels sprout from. That includes these subway tunnels. I am facing north right now. If I keep my sense of direction in check, I can get Tyler back no problem.
There was going to be more Plasmen and CPs than I could imagine there, even some super-humans.
I am so ready for it.
I smiled to myself, and sped off into the tunnels.

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