Can't Forgive, but I Miss You

Good grief, you used to have so much fun. The world was nothing but a series of jungle gyms and obstacle courses for your amusement. Oblivious sure, but you ran all day and laughed the whole way. Being friends was as simple as living on the same street and wanting to play. Finding adventure was as easy as walking outside and turning on your imagination.

Then something changed. Interactions became laden with imperceptible messages. There was suddenly a right way and a wrong way to be. Running around like a lunatic, though still fun, was no longer acceptable. And what did you do?

You ran away, hid in a quiet corner of your mind. Why did you do that? You could have conquered the world, slain the dragons, and made everything right! Somewhere along the line, you left off really being there, content to observe from the shadows, safe in anonymity.

People come and go. I grant them their journey and hold no grudge when our paths diverge. There’s only one person I won’t forgive for leaving. I miss me.

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