The Jonas Robbery Part 39: Off To Carson, Oklahoma

Joe came in and woke me up early the next morning. “Wake up, Emily!” he yelled in a deep voice, which made me jump.

“Don’t scare me like that!” I yelled after seeing it was him.
“Haha, sorry,” he laughed. Nick came in and saw the look on my face. “Joe what did you do to her?” he asked. “Ohhh…nothing,” said Joe. “Yeah,” I joked, “he just scared me half to death!”

“Okay, the tour bus is here! Time to go!” I heard Mr. Jonas yell from the living room. I was still in the clothes I had worn the day before, since I hadn’t brought any clothes with me. I grabbed my crutches and stumbled out of my room. “Hey!” Kevin said when he saw me come into the living room. “Hi,” I said sleepily. I was not a morning person. We checked out of the hotel and entered the tour bus. It too, was amazing. The biggest RV I had ever seen. As soon as everyone was on, we were off to Oklahoma.

“So, what part of Oklahoma are we going to?”

“Carson,” replied Joe.

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