Pop Quiz!

I watched the look of concentration on Anna’s face.
“No,” said Dailey. “Try again. It’s like building a steel tunnel and then yelling into it!”
Suddenly I heard a loud voice in my mind. JAMES !
“Augh!” I flinched covering my ears.
As if that would help.
“Not so loudly please!” I begged.
“Sorry.” said Anna, sheepishly.
“That’s the spirit, Anya!” Dailey cried, beaming. “You’ve got it!”
Anna looked very pleased with herself. Then Angela who had been standing by, randomly aimed a viscious kick at Anna’s head. Anna easily blocked it and Angela came back in a counter punch. Anna grabbed her wrist, stepped forward and in a single fluid movement threw Angela over her shoulder…
Into the pond.
Dailey and I roared with laughter. We couldn’t help it. Angela came up sputtering and annoyed. Anna turned around. “Oh, I’m sorry!” she cried.
“No.” Angela said between fits of coughing. “Very good.”
For the first time since I’ve known Angela, she looked…

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