Somewhere, There's a Place a Soul Can Never Go

She woke up, but something was wrong.

She couldn’t remember anything that had happened. Panic gripped her heart as she desperately tried to think back… Who was she?

She roused herself, but felt nothing – no pain, just a dull numbness that scared her more than any pain would have.

With extreme difficulty, she got to her feet. The road stretched into the distance. It was dark, foggy. She rubbed her eyes and looked around, hoping that something would jog her memory, but nothing did.

That was when she noticed the man, walking along the side of the road. She called out to him, but he didn’t seem to hear.

And then there was a car approaching, screaming along the narrow street at a ridiculous speed. She looked up just in time to see the car headed straight for the man.

She tried to move, to yell. Time seemed to slow down to a trickle. Everything was happening in slow motion.

“BUT THAT MAN IS GOING TO DIE !” she screamed.

“I know,” came a cool, calculated voice from somewhere behind her.

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