Awesome Emily Vance

Emily Vance, sat silently watching the other girls eat their lunch of bread and some sort of stew, at least she thought it was stew, it might have been dish water.

Emily kindly pushed her lunch toward the girl next to her, who was still hungry. Emily herself was not in the mood to eat. The girl reluctantly took the bread and stew. But did not thank Emily for it. The other children shunned her because of her telekinetic powers and were spooked by her ability to see and talk with spirits.

The Mistress of the orphanage, who took Emily under her protective wing, also had the ability to communicate with the dead.
The Mistress walked up to the table and said. “Emily, I’d like to speak with you a moment.”

“Yes Mistress,” Emily said politely and followed her to her office. Seated, the mistress asked, “Emily, I saw the ghost too, this orphanage is haunted by many wayward spirits. It is up to you and I to help them find their way home, if you will help me, together we can do it.”

Emily smiled and nodded her head.

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