My Pledge of Awesomeness

For my Feat of Awesomeness, I will kick the crap out of writers block.

I will quit being so hung up on trying to create a masterpiece that I’m paralyzed into not creating anything.

I will write something, anything, nearly every day. If it’s crap, so be it. I guarantee that it will at least be entertaining crap.

I will comment on other’s stories.

I will sequel.

I will finish what I start.


Also, I will learn to play the guitar.

I will buy a guitar.

But not just any guitar. The most awesome guitar in this or any other universe:

I dare you to look at that bad boy and tell me it is not awesome.

But most of all, for my Feat of Awesomeness, I will endeavor to increase my awesomeness and decrease my unawesomeness.

Also, I will attempt to use other adjectives besides awesome in daily conversation.

Because having an awesome vocabulary is… pretty awesome.

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