I had finally made it to the center of Rade. I had to time control my way through the gates and I went up to the research desk.
Play it cool, Max. Play it cool…
“I am filing a missing person report.” I said in a business-like manner.
“Please state the label and cereal number of the person.” The secretary said without looking at me.
“It’s Tyler 67541, I think.” I said.
The secretary looked up at me and his eyes flashed.
“He is not missing, he has been apprehended for horrible crimes against humanity.” He said in an almost robotic voice, reminding me horribly of the liquid like voices of the Plasmen, sending a shiver up my spine.
I leaned close to him so our faces were mere inches apart.
“You will give me the coordinates of the facility where you are holding him.” I stated calmly.
I lost my cool right then.
If you don’t tell me where you are keeping my friend, I will feed you your intestines and splatter your head on this desk!!!

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