Fear (More Ways Than One's First Challenge)

Writing is a passion of mine. It always has been. But I didn’t write anything (outside of character backgrounds for role-playing games) for almost 20 years. Why?

One word: Fear.

I was too afraid about what others would think. Even when I was writing, the only people who ever read what I wrote were teachers in school, and that was only because they had to so they could grade me. And I let that fear bleed into other parts of my life. And that stifled me in so many ways.

I let the fear control me, rather than me controlling it.

Fear is a path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to…



Geek moment. Where was I?

Ah, yes. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time on Ficlets, it’s to use that fear. I was afraid to let people read what I wrote, because I was afraid they wouldn’t like it. And, by extension, wouldn’t like me.

I still have that fear. But I know what to do with it. Where to direct it.

I use it to make myself a better writer.

And, hopefully, a better person.

It seems to be working.

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