Andrew was slowly walking up to her.Getting slower and slower with every step. He turned away at the last minute. He was so close! Poor Andrew could smell her perfume, he was so close.
Eric was dertimined not to let Andrew ruin what might be his only chance.

“Soo… Beth..!” exclaimed Eric.. who seemed to be coming out of nowhere. “Andrew and I were just coming to talk to you.”

“Well, thats nice. But I have to go to P.E. now. See you around Andrew.”

There was a twinkle in Beth’s eye, and Andrew had noticed it since the moment Eric started to blab his mouth. Andrew was consumed in his own world again. Eric was in reality though, and he was about to fall over under the weight of Andrew’s body. It wasn’t easy to hold up a guy who was daydreaming. But he was in love.

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