“Freddie, man, that’s outright disgusting!”


“Look at yourself! You’re disemboguing all over the place!”

“What in the name of bliddy Earl of Sandwich do ya mean?”

“Well, look atcha! It’s disgusting! It’s barfable! It’s inconceivable!”

What is, man! Spit it bliddy out!

“You’re disemboguing, like I said!”

“Oh – what? I’m doing nowt!”

“Nowt? The front of you is covered with the bliddy stuff – “

“What? What, Patty? My disemboguement?

“Well yes!”

“You keep on using that word! I do not think it means what you think it means.”

“Oh, never mind, Freddie, you’re just nasty. I’ll just nick off, man!”

“Do it, then! Disembogue my bliddy ar – “

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