The Resurrection of Liam O'Connor, Part 4

It was just a few weeks ago that Liam and I talked about families. He’s always been so good with CherryPop. I can’t count the times I would walk in the house to find elaborate forts built from sofa cushions and blankets. My little girl would giggle from within and Liam would appear with an armful of pillow reinforcements.

One evening I crawled into the fort pretending to be the black hat baddie while Liam the white hat saved her. I didn’t think I’d ever seen Liam enjoy himself so much.

Later, after CherryPop nodded off in the middle of a classic Liam tale of wicked kings and good faeries, we got to talking, and I discovered Liam’s wish for a family of his own. He told me it was always at the back of his mind, but from the time he joined my family as our protector, the desire only grew stronger.

“I can’t imagine a greater joy Des. I envy what you have.” he confessed. I squeezed his shoulder full of assurances of that “one day” when it happens for him.

Now that day will never come. And it’s my fault.

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